Electrical Engineering & Consultancy Services

The three main generators, together with the emegency set successfully completed the factory acceptance test at Volvo Penta in Sweden.

The ship’s power train consists of  three Volvo Penta D13 MG KC engines for main power and a Volvo Penta D5a T engine will provide the emergency power to meet classification society requirements. The main and emergency  engines will be connected to  Stamford alternators and can each deliver  332kWe & 62kWe respectively. The emergency generator is pictured below.

As well as demostration and functionality testing of all the alarms and safety shutdown, each machine was run for 30 minutes at 110%. Load accpetance and rejection tests were carried out to ensure that the engine governor and AVR would maintain system voltage and frequency within Lloyds Register specified tolerances. The operation of the governors was further tested by running all three machines at full load and ensured that all machines had a proportionate share of the load.

All four generators will be delivered to the yard in August.