Electrical Engineering & Consultancy Services

MV Hallaig left Ferguson Shipbuilders for the final time on the 11th October, heading for her home port of Raasay. The ship arrived at Raasay on Sunday evening and was met by some of the locals who were keen to see their new ship. The island has been served by MV Loch Striven since 1997 which previously operated between Largs and Cumbrae from 1986. In addition to comparing a new vessel with one approaching 30 years the most striking difference is the size, MV Hallaig being 43.5M whilst Loch Striven is 30M long.

The ship is entering the final stages of commissioning the energy management system. She will spend the next 10 days carrying out the same operational runs that she will make in service, this is to allow the system to be fully checked and to verify the energy consumption calculations and make any minor adjustments to the system.

During this period the Ship’s Crew will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the ships systems before she is finally handed over to Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd and enters into service.
MV Hallaig berthed at Hallaig